Robozou Doll Play

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Description: This is another Sim date game, where you have to navigate through different places, collect many items, speak to other characters, and from time to time have some angry sex. Game can be saved - don't forget to continue it later any time you want.


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us Cbomb9999 @ 2020-12-29 13:01:00

Version difference? i know ive seen the good end for this game before on this site, but now, after replying everything (including the pregnancy requirements), day 30+ bugs out to wake up to the generic robo chat before forcing the time to progress to school. doesnt seem to matter how many days i play into month 5... other endings work, so i dont know what the issue is. then again, there are more bugs, like how doc anal crashes the game...


us Cbomb9999 @ 2020-12-29 10:29:04

walkthrough, quick version: mom vaccum 5 times in first 2-3 days, skip school using bed until teacher housecall. Next schoolday after teacher unlocked, go home early in the last 30min of the time block. when transfer shows up, talk to her for 2 days, then go home early if you have at least 300 on all other girls and "cooperate". On day 17, control transfer student after school and enter under the plaza arch at 16:35. check the ally on the right for secret walls. Good end achieved.

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us Cbomb9999 @ 2020-12-29 10:31:35

Cbomb9999, Good end has an advanced ending, and it is all the remaining days are used for. By having Vaginal sex on the correct days in all 4 time blocks for all 5 girls, the ending "upgrades" to involve pregnancy. The exact days i still need to recall, though.


us Cbomb9999 @ 2020-12-29 12:50:03

Cbomb9999, Doc on 22, teacher on 24, sis on 25, mom on 26, transfer on 29.


us Cbomb9999 @ 2021-06-30 14:42:34

2 major bugs: 1) doc anal crashes at ejaculation 2) GOOD END IS BUGGED INTO A ROBO-MORNING TALK LOOP!


dk drake48 @ 2020-04-30 21:18:58

im making clip 3 now i get student and doctor and i show how


dk drake48 @ 2020-04-30 09:08:06

/ part 2


dk drake48 @ 2020-04-29 13:57:43

/ 1 clip 2 also comes


dk drake48 @ 2020-04-24 17:18:26

day 1 and 2 get vacum cleaner 5 times with mother else you wont get teacher day 4 sleep day 5 sleep day 6 sleep Unlocking your Sister is all about timing. During this period you must do nothing until go home from school 16:45 Day 13: go home from school 16:45 Day 17: Getting the Doctor You must now wait use the student until the clock shows 16:35, as soon as it does walk forward under the banner. Now walk to the end of the street and turn right. Walk forward two steps and then turn left.


dk drake48 @ 2020-04-24 15:51:55

day 3 sleep day 4 sleep day 5 sleep day 6 sleep Unlocking your Sister is all about timing. During this period you must do nothing until go home from school 16:45 Day 13: go home from school 16:45 Day 17: Getting the Doctor You must now wait use the student until the clock shows 16:35, as soon as it does walk forward under the banner. Now walk to the end of the street and turn right. Walk forward two steps and then turn left.


us MandickTheTittySmitty @ 2020-01-22 18:58:39

I cannot get to the pregnant ending. Even while following the walkthrough steps, the ending doesn't execute. It's just a free play that skips the morning session.


ie Blargalshnarf @ 2019-03-16 20:15:21

Wow played this and found out that if you fuck the docs ass, not only does it crash the game and you cannot continue, it also erases your save file and thus you have to start again.


de Shadox @ 2018-11-02 19:09:43

The whole game is crap. The missions are just impossible to create. Even with walkthrough (help), getting everything the way you want it is almost impossible. No matter how many times I try, I NEVER get all the girls. The game is the last piece of dirt. The animations are shit too. And the sound of the girls (the moan) is missing when they have sex. Good idea, but unfortunately real shit implemented the game. Pooh

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dk drake48 @ 2020-04-30 22:39:18

Shadox, funny the game is not hard look at my clips


us dodo8844 @ 2016-06-26 04:21:10

i am stuck after May 2009. Is there any episodes after 04/30/2009?


ru datdude @ 2016-04-12 19:22:09

So yeah, got all the way through the game with a few glitches. Can't make the teacher suck him off and can't cum in the doctors ass. Other than that, it's a good game.


us OldMan @ 2015-02-02 13:50:06

Finally realized my mistake. I didn't see the sleep option in the morning scene and kept waiting for night to sleep. Hope I'm not the only one and this helps someone like me. I also could not get to Doc without going to lowest quality setting because of my old browser.


us OldMan @ 2015-02-02 00:12:48

Ok. The walkthrough on funny games said Day 4 sleep must have three choices. I've followed instructions several times and only get two choices. What am I doing wrong?


us Cowboy29 @ 2014-01-21 17:16:10

Mother: day 26 get mum to service you in the morning then sex next 3 sessions day 27:- radish for mum then power off. do whatever you like but try to get all vibed up with the largest they can take(never been able to get radish in doris) by tthe end of nite Transfer Student: day 29 can have sex all 4 sessions or at nite see if you can get another size up on the vibes


us Cowboy29 @ 2014-01-21 17:15:13

You will get the good ending from here but to get all them pregnant then do the following have vaginal sex 3x in sucession Doc: day 22 morning get mum to service you then sex with doris on the next 3 sessions day 23:- small vibe for doris then power off do what ever you want Teacher: day 24 sex with teacher 1st 3 session nite session dress teacher get the radish Sister: day 25 sex with sister 1st 3 sessions nite get the large vibe or if fairly loose dress her get the radish


us edo @ 2013-11-24 08:41:59

look on funny games site for robozu english has game and walk through and ms dont work well when map is drawn depends on alot ofcpu work.. but any way walk through on funny games should work..


br Crítico Exigente @ 2011-07-27 05:08:44

Esse jogo é meio esquisito no começo mas é legal xD Procurem walkthroughs na internet que nem o carinha ali disse porque por si só vc não alcança o jogo inteiro não. Eu gostei, nota 8/10 e podia ter animações melhores.


us deleon66 @ 2010-09-27 07:09:13

srr cant write more but go to google put walkthrough u will understand


us deleon66 @ 2010-09-27 07:07:45

Here's the complete walkthrough for ROBOZOU DOLL PLAY: Mother: 1st day: you have to use the vacuum cleaner 5 times before you can get the teacher. Keep entering/exiting the room where the vacuum is to max EXP, them use it. Time is of the essence: you have 2 ours in the period to control her and every enter/exit room gives 1


lv Joke @ 2010-09-25 20:10:34

how can i controle other characters? not only mom...


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